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Healthy Wound Care provides information on proper treatments of wounds, ulcers and burns. Our educational videos and articles are provided to the public to teach others on innovative methods of treatment.


Ulcers are caused when the body is not able to properly deliver nutrient-rich blood to the lower extremities.


Wounds are caused when the body’s immune system is compromised because of a disease


Managing chronic and non-healing wounds properly requires a skilled approach.

Wound Care Treatment

Wound care treatment is an important part of any healing process. Depending on the type and severity of the wound, different types of treatments may be used to promote healing and prevent infection. Wounds that are infected or at risk for infection should be treated promptly with antibiotics or other antimicrobial agents. Many wounds can benefit from moisture therapy, which helps to keep the wound site clean and moist and promotes faster healing. The use of dressings such as hydoid, alginate band reduce improve healing. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to close a deep wound or remove damaged tissue. Proper nutrition also plays an important role in wound care treatment; eating foods that are rich in protein and vitamins promote healing. In cases where the wound is not healing properly, a doctor may recommend physical therapy or other specialized treatments to aid in the healing process. No matter what type of wound care treatment is used, it is important to follow your doctor’s instructions and take good care of yourself to ensure that the wound heals as quickly and safely as possible.

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